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Where We Came From
ArtOrder started life as a blog for artists that were struggling to enter the sci-fi and fantasy illustration industry. Jon Schindehette, while working as the Creative Director for Dungeons & Dragons, would take questions he received and write up daily posts to help support and grow the creative industry. While the blog was tremendously successful, Jon got many requests to step it up - so the idea of the ArtOrder challenge was born. The challenges offered real-world illustration concepts that artists could take on to improve their skills and build portfolio pieces. Often, the challenges were juried by some of the biggest names in the industry and many artists reported that they got work from participating in the challenges.

Where We Are Now
Information is great, and thee are now a number of places that creatives can get information to help their career. So, ArtOrder decided to try something new and fresh. We shifted over to a publishing company model and now work with creatives to help bring their ideas to life. ArtOrder believes that the creatives are the geniuses behind the products, and as such, should be rewarded accordingly. We offer some of the best profit-sharing opportunities in the publishing industry.

Where We Are Going
Our goal is simple in theory - tough in execution. We want to create a thriving industry for creatives that are interested in taking on their dreams, and for their fans. In the next year, we will be concentrating on ramping up the number of books and magazines that we will be offering. We will launch an apparel line that focuses on great art, with an interesting point of view. ArtOrder will also be relaunching the ArtOrder Challenge, but this time, contributors will have the opportunity to be published in an upcoming publication and earn a share of the profits!

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Jon Schindehette
ArtOrder llc, founding member

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