Posted by Jon Schindehette on 10/5/2017 to News
I work with many artists who are striving to create their own brand/IP/product, or grow their social following. Many of them have struggled for years and nearly given up out of frustration for a lack of success. In almost every case, one of the fatal flaws that they are dealing with, is a misunderstanding of who their customer is.

To help combat that failing, I've devised a short questionnaire so that creatives can do a deep dive into who their customer is. The trick to this exercise, is to get out of "thinking" and getting into "knowing". 

My Customer Is…
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a complete mystery and 10 being your best friend, how intimately do you know your customer?

2. What is the age of your “most devoted” buyer?

3. What is your gender skew of your most devoted buyer?

4. What are your target client’s top 5 pain points?

5. What is their WHY?

6. What are 5 life goals or outcomes that they desire?

7. Who/what are their enemies? (Now, in the past, and in the future.)

8. Who/what are their heroes?  (Now, in the past, and in the future.)

9. What are your target clients’ favorite movies?

10. What is their favorite music?  List by artist if possible.

11. Who is their favorite artist/designers?  List by artist if possible. 

12. What are their interests?

13. What are their regrets in life?

14. What are their biggest fears?

14. What are their biggest joys?

16. Who or what drives their guilt?

17. What does your product REALLY solve?

18. If your consumer could only save one item from destruction, what would that be?

19. If your buyer could only choose one activity to do for the next 24 hours, what would it be?

20. If you were going to take your most devoted fan out for dinner, where would they want to go?

These questions are designed to give you some insight into your most devoted consumers, and discover what is really important to them, what motivates them, how they prioritize their life, and what it is they might be looking for to grant themselves fulfillment. With a better understanding of your consumer, you have a better understanding of how to address their wants and needs.