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F(r)iction #9, Winter 2017 International

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Teeming with gorgeous literature and art, F(r)iction No. 9 is now available for order!
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Here you’ll find characters and stories obsessed. Obsessed with love, death, sex, alternate realities, and the ideal Tinder date. KIRSTY LOGAN haunts us with lovelorn figures. DAVID GALEF shows us a man who hates so hard, things disappear. Poems by THOM YOUNG and STUART DYBEK explore the torment of solitude and love. In an exclusive sneak-peek, JEFF VANDERMEER reveals the process behind his own fixation: a novella-in-progress called The Book Murderer. Merging fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and a powerful feature with LAMBDA LITERARYF(r)iction No. 9 collects the best—and weirdest—obsessions out there.

With every issue, we become more excited by our mission to #PublishWeird! If you want to see what strange and beautiful stories live between the covers of F(r)iction No. 9, purchase a copy today!

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