Grimmer Tale art project

Posted by Jon Schindehette on 9/17/2018 to News
Grimmer Tale art project
Since I was very young, I was told that I was related to the Grimm brothers (Grimm is my family name on my mother's side of the family). Because of that connection, I've always had a fascination with the tales and the myths surrounding them. When I was young, I read through all of the classic fairy tales that were based upon the old tales, and later in life, I came across text that was closer to the original tales. I devoured them...

Now, many years later, I've decided to pick up the passion for the tales once again.

So many of the stories were turned into story books for young children. Now I want to spin a few new yarns inspired by the original tales, but this time I want to create storybooks for adults. I will be working with one artist per story, and bundling 4-5 stories together. The long-term goal is to recreate all of the original tales.

More to come...

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