Tiny Dragons

Posted by Jon Schindehette on 9/17/2018 to News
Tiny Dragons
Tiny Dragons was first dreamed up as a tiny art book for young dragon fans. We received more than 3000 submissions of art and ended up featuring over 200 international artists from around the globe. We launched a Kickstarter that funded almost immediately and have nearly sold out of the initial print run.

While the art books were great fun. The first thing that happened after we started shipping the books...folks started asking "What's next?"

Well, what's next is a collection of 3" tall figures to go with the 3x3 books. Georges Miho and Alessio Busanca took on my challenge for dreaming up the figures. Georges did the concepts and Alessio is doing the sculpting.

We will be selling the figures through Kickstarter and select retail locations. To keep up to date on this project, please sign up for our Tiny Dragons email list.

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