F(r)iction 16 literary magazine
F(r)iction #16
F(r)iction #16
F(r)iction #16
F(r)iction #16
F(r)iction #16
F(r)iction #16

F(r)iction #16

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The Monsters Issue

NO. 16, SUMMER 2020


The summer issue of F(r)iction is brimming with monsters, both real and imagined.

These creatures creep out from the darkness, when we least expect it, threatening the safety—but more importantly, the sanity—of a colorful cast of characters. From a retelling of Jurassic Park—that rips both bodies and cultural appropriation to shreds—to womanizing monsters who create graveyards of broken women, F(r)iction #16 follows people running from things that go bump into the night, and, well, not running fast enough.

As the kickoff issue for our new redesign, we also launched a brand-new opening feature: “The Purpose of Monsters” takes a historical—and perhaps cynical—look at the origins of the most famous monster myths. As always, we also have one hell of an original comic—this time, “Personal Mythology” written by Tracey Maye and drawn by Arthur Asa forces a mirror in front of the monster we hide inside ourselves. Whether it’s heartbreaking creative nonfiction by Joanna Valente about the human monsters around us or a deep dive into war through the Community Feature with the Veterans Writing Project, this issue looks at many monstrosities in our society. And, who better to step into the spotlight for our Pioneering Author feature than horror legend, Benjamin Percy? In addition to a tour through the darkness of his career path and writing process (including lots of his own illustrations!), Ben brings us an original short exploring “monster as place.”

So get out your flashlights, dear readers, and get ready to be captured by the darkness of F(r)iction #16. We hope you make it out alive!


  • Perfect Bound
  • 120 pages
  • Special holofoil cover
  • Short Fiction, Poetry, Flash Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Graphic Short Story, and Special Features.
  • Rhi Snow, Ronda Broatch, John Manuel Arias, Marisa Crane, Ellen Azevedo, Damhnait Monaghan, Joanna Valente, Benjamin Percy, Richard Holten, Tara Laskowski, Ross Reagan, Alex Landragin, Tracey Maye, Arthur Asa, Faylita Hicks, Latifa Ayad, and the Veterans Writing Project

Proceeds support the Brink Literacy Project nonprofit mission to change lives through the power of storytelling! For more information about the parent nonprofit, please visit BrinkLit.org.

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