Beneath the Waves Art Book


What lies beneath?

ArtOrder brought together a host of world-class creatives and asked them to create a collection of mer-inspired works to show their take on the age-old myth. Well, we got more than we bargained for! 

"Beneath the Waves" features artists and writers from around the globe. This enchanting book takes a look at the myths and legends surrounding the notion of merfolk - sometimes it is what you expect, but more often it isn't. Whether you prefer the world of merfolk to be light and exciting, or dark and dangerous - there is something for every merfolk lover in this book.

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Featured artists: Silly Jellie, Rob Rey, Douglas P Lobo, Donato Giancola, & Charlene Chua

Rob ReyRob Rey
Douglas P LoboDouglas P Lobo
Donato GiancolaDonato Giancola