ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover
ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover
ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover
ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover
ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover
ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover

ArtOrder: The Journal - Softcover

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What can an artist do with a double-page spread and full creative freedom?

Imagine this. Your favorite artist hands you their sketchbook. As you absorb their art, you notice they’ve scribbled some thoughts, too.

The closer you look, the more secrets you discover: notes, reflections, and unfiltered emotions. You realize, this isn’t just a sketchbook.

It’s a picture of who they are. It’s a diary. And you fall into a rabbit hole of confession, wonder, and mystery.

Now imagine experiencing this a hundred times over. That’s what ArtOrder: The Journal is.


  • Oversized book - 9 x 12 in (22.86 x 30.48 cm)
  • Heavy stock paper - 200 gsm matte art paper
  • Spot gloss accents on artworks
  • Rich colors, vivid details, beautifully balanced contrast
  • Silver gilding on page edges

Get inside the best creative minds

This started as a dream to assemble a fellowship of the best artists in one book.

2 years in the making, it evolved into a collection of deeply personal pieces—unguided, unedited, and uncensored. No rules. Just the artist and their craft.

With every turn of the page, you discover a new vision.  Flip to a collage and story by John Harris. Then to a detailed walkthrough of a painting by James Gurney.

Everything in between is just as insightful and unique.

Find yourself revisiting this wellspring of inspiration. And coming away with new insights every time.

Meet the legends, and the rising stars

Explore the personalities, thought processes, and creative expressions of some of the best artists in illustration, film, game concept art, fine art, and more.

The styles and approaches in this book are as diverse as the artists that made them. Here’s what they have to say:

 "Jon is giving us an opportunity to challenge one another and to raise the bar for ourselves and for the field, while at the same time producing something personal. A book like this is exciting because we each know going in that our work is going to appear side by side with the work of our peers, heroes, mentors, and friends - that's a hell of a challenge and it makes this a very cool project to be a part of!" ~ Tracy Lewis

"Jon's project appealed to me because it demanded more than just an interesting image. He's asked for a glimpse behind the curtain, a visual peepshow not just of what we make, but who we are." ~ Iain McCaig


The artists are either handpicked (featured) or juried (salon). Below is the full list. Can you spot your favorites?
Featured Artists:
Allen Williams
Alyssa Winans
Andrea Sipl
Andrew Theophilopoulos
Anna Dittmann
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
Bill Carman
Brynn Metheny
Bud Cook
Chuck Lukacs
Cory Godbey
Craig Elliott
Dave Dorman

Donato Giancola
Drew Sheneman
Elizabeth Leggett
Eva Widermann
Filippo Vanzo
Galen Dara
George Pratt
Goni Montes
Grahame Baker Smith
Gus Hunter
Iain McCaig
Ian Miller
J.A.W. Cooper
Jaime Jones
James Gurney
Jean-Baptiste Monge
Jeremy Sorrell
Jessica Shirley
John Harris
John Picacio
John-Paul Balmet
Jon Foster
Kelly McKernan
Kinuko Y Craft
Laurie Brom
Marc Scheff
Mark A. Nelson
Micah Epstein
Nerses Malakjan
Nick Keller
Orlando Arocena
Paul Bonner
Paul Sullivan
Paul Tobin
Petar Meseldzija
Rebecca Guay
Rebekah Tisch
Reiko Murakami
Richard Anderson
Rob Rey
Ron Lemen
Rovina Cai
Samuel Araya
Sean Andrew Murray
Sho Murase
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Sterling Hundley
Terryl Whitlatch
Tobias Kwan
Tommy Arnold
Tony DiTerlizzi
Tony Rodriguez
Tooba Rezaei
Tracy Lewis
Tuna Bora
Vanessa Lemen
Wylie Beckert
Yukari Masuike
Salon Artists:
Alan Dyson
Alix Branwyn
Alicia Vogel
Alena Kubiková
Anthony Palumbo
Anthony Schmidt
Ashley Mackenzie
Brian Despain
Britt Snyder
Carmen Sinek
Clark Huggins
Colin Boyer
Cristina Bencina
Davi Go
David LaRocca
David Palumbo
Elliot Lang
Elisabeth Alba
Emily Fiegenschuh
Heather Hudson
Felipe Gaona
Justin Hernandez
Eric Velhagen
Katie Dillon
Iris Compiet
Felipe Echevarria
Ian Hinley
Kieran Yanner
Kiri Ostergaard Leonard
Kristina Carroll
Linda Adair
Lindsey Look
Madeline Carol Matz
Mariya Prytula
Mark Poole
Mia Araujo
Michael Hayes
Nicole Lee Grosjean
Omar Rayyan
Paige Connelly
Patricia Smith
Rebecca Yanovskaya
Robert Elrod
Richard Romare
Sam Hogg
Sean Sevestre
Serena Malyon
Tara Larsen Chang
Socar Myles
Terese Nielsen
Tran Nguyen
Ven Locklear
Victor Maury
Vincent Proce
Volkan Baga
Winona Nelson


Find new inspiration

Unlike compilations of previously published pieces, most of the work in this artbook were never before seen and was created specifically for this publication.

But you may have seen The Journal featured on ArtStation Magazine, and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. It was also handpicked by Kickstarter for their Projects We Love selection.

More details

  • Coffee table art journal book
  • Full-color printed softcover
  • Fine art prints
  • Matching headband
  • High-quality binding

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